145 Live Solutions

I can’t believe how much you can move the world with three chords.

Conan O’Brien

Call us at the number below to book a performing artist, public speaker, or both for an inspiring and exclusive workplace event.

In difficult times, team members can feel disconnected and discouraged.

Decision makers need to come up with new and creative solutions to overcome these challenges together.

The best way to overcome disconnectedness and adversity is to overcome together.

From independent to international artists, 145 Live Solutions has almost twenty years of experience connecting inspiring artists to audiences in need of some inspiration.

We will help you plan an experience with top quality audio and video for streaming on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo which can be enjoyed on both computers and smart TVs.

Potential events include:

  • Holiday & Retirement parties

  • Campaign launch & conclusion

  • Customer Appreciation

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Fundraisers

Livestream Concerts