145 Live Solutions

Where words fail, music speaks.

Hans Christian Anderson

Why 145 Live?

Whether you listen to pop, blues, gospel, rock or country music, you have heard a 1-4-5 solution. As many songwriters can tell you, in every musical scale there are seven notes. And the primary chords for song composition are based on the first, fourth, and fifth notes of the scale, often represented by Roman numerals.

This 1-4-5 chord progression is the basis for thousands of moving songs, thousands of memorable messages from songwriters. 145 Live Solutions Inc. is based on three essential components for performing artists, businesses and not-for-profits: messenger, message, and audience.

It has been said that in a competitive environment, successful outcomes require succeeding in hi-tech and high touch communications. 145 Live brings the element of high touch to its clients by creating and developing relationships at live events.


1  For Artists

Paid to Play? As any performing artist knows, performers aren’t paid just to perform. Performers are also paid to cover the costs of what happens off the stage: team costs (manager, agent, accountant, publicist, lawyer, etc.), rehearsals, marketing, promotion, and a host of other expenses associated with the business of music. Yet few artists know of the many opportunities for partnering with not-for-profits to help both parties reach their goals from year to year. By and large, independent and major artists vastly under-estimate their potential impact on their communities, and their potential support for the invaluable work of not-for-profits. Even without the support of a major label, independent artists can help raise millions of dollars for their favourite charitable causes. At the same time, performing artists (both independent and major) can help cover their considerable tour costs by coordinating a tour sponsorship with a charity partner through 145 Live.

4  For Business

Don’t Outsource When You Can Art-source. 145 Live is Canada’s leading solution for art-sourcing. Never heard of art-sourcing? Art-sourcing is partnering with performing artists to get your message to your audience. When an artist believes in what you do, there is potential to reach your intended audience in an innovative fashion by being on-site for concert performances. This model also presents a valuable opportunity to have a robust two-way conversation with that audience, learning what they like and dislike about what you do and how you do it. Art-sourcing also presents unique opportunities to motivate staff by including them in on-site activities, and by arranging exclusive staff access

5  For Not-for-profits

Inform & Inspire. There are many ways to inform donors and potential donors about your not-for-profit. Those means include standing on street corners, knocking on doors, calling them at home, and sending them a great volume of mail and/or email. All valid means, but taken as a whole, not quite what could be accurately described as inspiring. We are defined, in large measure, by what we do. An invaluable component of any not-for-profit marketing mix (much like everything in life) is showing up. Partnering with performing artists at live concerts means a not-for-profit can channel the energy and goodwill of a concert event and direct it to their good work. By equipping artists to inspire audiences and providing you with insider access, 145 Live can help your organization efficiently raise millions of dollars to support your programming. Through our artist orientation program, we deliver results through diverse new audiences for your cause.