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Music fills the infinite between two souls.

Rabindranath Tagore

I met Mike over a decade ago and thanks to his inspiration and enthusiasm, I have been involved with him in fighting poverty and helping children through music since then. I partnered with Mike and his team on a project of mine, connecting students in Canada and youth from a country with a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, through music. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved! Front page press, and since then, more artists have jumped on board. He’s a real asset to any event or endeavour with goals for doing good in the world.

James Bryan, Philosopher Kings, Prozzak, Producer

Mike has been such a blessing to me personally in so many ways and through me he has touched my family back in Kenya. He is an amazing person and I know God will use him in a great way.

Teri, Activist, Philanthropist


I hold Mike Bowman with high esteem and regard. He is selfless, hard working and a man who believes passionately and with great compassion in justice and mercy. He is full of practical vision and ideas on how to push those virtues forward. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone that would consider working with him.

Martyn Joseph, Singer-songwriter, Wales

Probably the most prolific…to garner the voice of the musician.

Canadian Musician

A friend of Mike’s got in touch with him after seeing me play. We met for coffee in early January 2005, and I can honestly say that meeting had a major impact on my life as a musician. As people who work with him will tell you, Mike is trustworthy and an expert in his field.

Jay Calder, independent touring musician / Best Acoustic Artist, Toronto Independent Music Awards

I’ve been working with Mike for over ten years now. He’s been doing incredible work behind the scenes from coast to coast, taking artists all over the world and raising well over $50 million for kids overseas through live events. I’ve worked in and travelled around Canada for twenty years, and if there is someone better at working with Canadian artists for a good cause, I haven’t met them yet.

Tom Jackson, Owner/Live Music Producer, @Onstage Success (Nashville)

Mike is a one man force that makes things happen. He is passionate about social justice and works to empower and involve artists to help lend their voices to facilitate change. He tirelessly builds links and connections between artists and organisations and supports them at every turn.

Nikki Woodhead, Manager, Pipe Records (UK)