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Few artists know of the many opportunities for partnering with not-for-profits to help both parties reach their goals from year to year.
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Not For Profit

An invaluable component of any not-for-profit marketing mix (much like everything in life) is showing up.
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Don’t Outsource When You Can Art-source. Art-sourcing is partnering with performing artists to get your message to your audience.
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From independent to international artists, 145 Live Solutions has almost twenty years of experience connecting artists to audiences. Read More…

No, we are match-makers.

Like all good match-makers, we don’t make any decisions on your behalf.  We do our homework, rely on almost twenty years of experience, and make recommendations to pair you with talent. 

We acquire, orient and train performers to support your goals.

Amazing independent artists, established names and international household names.

Think of us as a vendor for companies and not-for-profits of all shapes and sizes.

North America, Europe & Australia.  Aspiring to New Zealand as well.  They seem quite nice.

No, but see next question for a response strongly in the affirmative.